Natural Liquid Dish Soap – How To Make Your Own

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Store bought dish soaps contain a lot of additives that can potentially be toxic. Why would you want to have something like this in your home when many DIY solutions are available A good example is a natural liquid dish soap that is easy to make as a store bought alternative.

Ingredients & Supplies:

Water ( 1 ¾ cups)
Grated bar soap ( 1 tablespoon)
Borax ( 1 tablespoon)
Essential Oils (15-20 drops – Optional)

Measuring Cup
Cheese Grater
Stove Pot
Plastic squirt bottle


Pour the water into your stove pot and heat on low over your stove top.

Grate your bar soap into the mixing bowl and then add the borax. Use the whisk to mix the ingredients until thoroughly blended. Make sure that the soap is completely melted. Be careful, it will be hot.

Set the mixing bowl aside to cool for at least six hours. Stir the mixture once an hour or so.

Pour the soap mixture into a squirt bottle. A plastic ketchup bottle will be perfect. This is the best time to add essential oils (like lemon) to your natural dish soap if you want your soap to be scented.

Natural Liquid Dish Soap (How-To)

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