Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips (Coconut Oil Fried)

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Photo by: healthimpactnews.com

Corn tortillas that can be purchased at any grocery store often contain various additives. Most often the chips are made from genetically modified corn and then fried in genetically modified oil. If you want a simple alternative to store bought products, then homemade corn tortilla chips are a great option. 

The healthiest option is to use organic ingredients to make your chips. You will need to start with fresh corn tortillas. You have the option to purchase some or you to make a homemade batch. Once you have your tortillas, you’re ready to begin making the chips.

The tortilla shells need to be cut to make your homemade corn tortilla chips. This can easily be done by using a pizza cutter. Once your chips are cut, then you will need a sauce pan and coconut oil to fry the chips.

Instructions to make homemade corn tortilla chips are found on healthimpactnews.com here…

Healthy Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips


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