Homemade 2-Ingredient Gel To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks, Aging Spots, Acne, Sunburns, And Scars

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Photo by: trendingstylist.com

Do you have sun spots, aging spots or scars that look just awful on your skin? There are many products you can find at the store in the form of creams that can be used as basic treatments. However, these contain a lot of additives and chemicals. A better option is a homemade 2-ingredient gel.

You can easily make a homemade 2-ingredient gel at home to treat many types of skin ailments. All you need to do is get the two ingredients that are necessary. The ingredients needed are coconut oil and aloe vera. Your next step is to review the recipe to make sure you have anything else that is needed.

The key to making thisĀ gel at home to treat scars and aging spots is mixing the ingredients in the right way. One thing to keep in mind is you will essentially have a cream to use on your skin.

Instructions to make a homemade 2-ingredient gel for your skin are on trendingstylist.com here…

Homemade 2-Ingredient Recipe

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