Health Benefits Of Adult Coloring Books + 18 Free Coloring Sources

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Coloring books are not just for kids as adult coloring books are becoming really popular. There are lots of reasons for adults to use coloring books. These books are great for helping to relieve stress and for a creative outlet. In fact, as Wellness Mama explains, there are many health benefits of adult coloring books that might just be what you need.

There are many coloring sources available that are free if you want to have some individual coloring pages to create your own custom coloring book. The best thing is you can print these right from home.

1. Color some flowers.

2. Add some elephants to a coloring book.

3. How about some fun butterflies?

4. Here is an ornate owl.

5. Maybe some forest animals are what you need.

6. A forest is not complete without some fairies.

7. Are you interested in some steampunk coloring pages?

8. Everyone seems to love mermaids.

9. You can even pick from various floral designs.

10. Perhaps some chess pieces are more to your liking.

11. Here is a Cinderella inspired coloring page.

12. How about some zentangle birds?

13. These pop art coloring pages are a great option.

13. Go to your zen place with these coloring pages.

14. Are you ready for summer and a garden party?

15. Here are coloring pages with geometric shapes

16. A tiger may be a great addition to a custom coloring book.

17. You can even add some pages with parrots.

18. There are also coloring pages for a secret garden.

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