Get Rid Of Gray Hair With Potato Skins

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Photo by: Rachael Ray Show

Are you using a store bought product to hide some of the gray hair on your head? There are healthier and cheaper ways that you can use for this purpose. You may be surprised to know you can get rid of gray hair with potato skins. This method is an ideal option for both men and women or anyone on a budget.

Get Rid Of Gray Hair With Potato Skins


Potato Skins – 1 cup

Water – 2 cups


Glass or Plastic Measuring Cup

Small Stove pot w/lid



Step 1

Cut up and measure out one cup of potato skins in the measuring cup. Put the potato skins into your stove pot.

Step 2 

Measure two cups of water and add it to your stove pot.

Step 3 

Place stove pot on your stove and heat on high until it begins to boil. Turn heat to medium and then let it simmer about five minutes.  

Remove stove pot to cool and then strain out the potato peels. You now have a potato dye that will get rid of your gray hair.



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