Gelatin Hair Mask Recipe: The Secret To Strong & Shiny Hair

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Commercial products that are commonly used for hair care work well in the short term, but may not be good for long-term use. The reason is many store bought products often contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients like silicone. If you want a good way to condition hair, then you may find a gelatin hair mask is a great option.

Compounds in a gelatin hair mask will help treat and strengthen the hair. Store bought products are typically not made with ingredients for this purpose. This is why your hair becomes brittle and dry over time. Applying a homemade hair mask will help restore hair to a healthy condition.

A gelatin hair mask can be applied in the morning or at night. The mask will need to sit for about ten, but no more than thirty minutes. You can easily use a towel or put on a shower cap to cover your hair.

Instructions to make your own gelatin hair mask are found on here…

Gelatin Hair Mask Recipe

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