Fat Burning Detox Tea Recipe

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Photo by: FitLifeTV

Tea is a type of beverage that has many benefits. People drink tea for the flavor and or like to drink it due to the antioxidants. Many people may be surprised to know green tea will help the body’s fat burning process. A simple fat burning detox tea can easily be made at home.

The use of organic products will be the best option for a fat burning detox tea. However, any items you may have that are store bought can also be used. Most of the ingredients being used to make a simple herbal tea will have anti-inflammatory properties and help to detox important organs in your body.

Detoxing the body is not simply flushing out contaminants and free radicals. The body needs to absorb the compounds in a fat burning detox tea to provide energy and improve organ function. You can drink the tea cold or hot based on your preference.

Here’s┬ávideo explaining how to make a fat burning detox tea.

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