Do Thieves And Lavender Essential Oils Kill Bacteria?

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Have you been wondering why essential oils work as well as they do in home remedies and homemade products? There is a secret about essential oils that many people do not realize. Actually, the secret will likely be surprising because you may not know specific essential oils kill bacteria!

There is a good reason why some essential oils kill bacteria. These oils are highly concentrated and will have more potent effects than the elements they are made from. Lots essential oils are antioxidants and many often contain anti-bacterial properties.

One of the best essential oils to have for any homemade product or remedy will be lavender. Another oil for you to have on hand is thieves oil. These two essential oils kill bacteria easily when diluted or added in a recipe in drops. A great way to see how well these oils work is to make a hand sanitizer.

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Do Thieves & Lavender Essential Oils Kill Bacteria?

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