Do Artificial Food Dyes Affect Behavior?

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Do you use artificial food dyes to make Easter eggs or for other craft projects? Years ago, there was not any concern about using store bought dyes as awareness of healthy options was not as important. However, a lot of the dyes used in foods are not exactly healthy.

Many artificial food dyes have been used in a lot of food products for many years. Dyes are the reason certain foods have a red, yellow, and blue color. Processed foods do not have these colors naturally. An interesting aspect of food dyes is the behavioral impact on people.

One thing to keep in mind about artificial food dyes is they are only one component. If you find a food that is organic, then artificial dyes are not a concern. Processed foods contain a lot of additives that are not healthy anyway. Organic foods or a natural alternative to store bought products are better to use.

Information about artificial food dyes and behavior is available on here…

Do Artificial Food Dyes Affect Behavior

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