DIY Sunburn-Soothing Comfrey Cubes

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Do you reach for aloe vera to seek relief when you get a sunburn from being outside too long? This is a great product as it helps to soothe the skin. However, what do you do when you are fresh out? You need to have some sunburn-soothing comfrey cubes on hand for emergencies.

The compounds that are in the comfrey plant have impressive regenerative properties and can help your skin quickly recover from sunburn damage. A few sunburn-soothing comfrey cubes can also help soften skin that is really dry.

One interesting thing to know about sunburn-soothing comfrey cubes is they are not difficult to make at home. The comfrey plant is actually a weed and means you may not actually need to grow it at home to have on hand. Simply harvest what you need to dry at home if you see some that grows in the wild.

Instructions to make your own sunburn soothing-comfrey cubes are on here…

DIY Sunburn Soothing Comfrey Cubes

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