DIY Herbal Hair Detangler & Anti-Frizz Spray Recipe

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Are you interested in saving money and using natural products for hair care? Many people with long or curly hair typically need to brush it a lot to remove tangles. Luckily, there is a herbal hair detangler that can be used as an alternative to applying products that are full of chemicals.

The key to using a herbal hair detangler is to apply it when the hair is wet. Wet hair that is not treated is more likely to get frizzy and tangled. The detangler you can make at home does wonders to help get rid of knots to make brushing easier. This means less time is needed when brushing your hair.

A combination of natural ingredients are used to make a herbal hair detangler. The main ingredient in a homemade detangler is marshmallow root. Heat is needed to blend the ingredients and means you need to use your stove or a hot plate.

Instructions to make your own herbal hair detangler are on here…

DIY Herbal Hair Detangler & Anti-Frizz Spray

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