7 Healthy High Protein Foods to Have at Home

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Are you looking for ways to get more protein into your diet? This is really easy to do when you have a list of high protein foods to eat at home.

1. Eggs


One of the best sources of protein is to eat eggs. Organic eggs will be the best option, but eggs that are store bought will work too.

2. Chicken


Fresh chicken that is grilled or baked at home is a significant source of protein. You can also pan fry it in olive oil.

3. Cottage Cheese


Photo by: flickr.com

A lot-fat container of cottage cheese is a great to have as a snack and it also has a lot of protein.

4. Broccoli


This is a plant that you can grow at home and use for a lot of recipes. The protein content is quite high and it also has other vitamins and nutrients.

5. Turkey


Fresh turkey or even ground turkey from the store is really high in protein.

6. Fish


Fresh fish caught in a river or lake have high amounts of protein and even omega-3 fatty acids.

7. Peanuts


A handful or peanuts as a snack during the day is a significant source of protein.

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