12 Native Plants For Food And Medicine

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Photo by: ouroneacrefarm.com

Creating a garden area at home is a great way to have a supply of food and an updated landscape. More and more these days gardens include few types of fruit, herbs, and decent selection of vegetables because families want to be sustainable and grow organic crops to put food on the table. Yet, one aspect about a garden often overlooked is the use of native plants for food and medicine.

There are many types of native plants for food and medicine that can be added to a garden or forged in the wild. Take for example, Milkweed, or Asclepias Syriaca. Most people consider this plant to be an invasive weed and take it out. Milkweed, however is an essential plant for butterflies. And for humans, the young shoots, pods and flower buds of are edible.

Whether you forge for native plants or purposefully add then to your garden, learn about these twelve common native plants from ouroneacrefarm.com that can be used on your homestead for food and medicine…

12 Native Plants For Food & Medicine

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