12 Castile Soap Beauty Products You Can Make

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Do you know that most of the beauty products you can buy at the store like facial cleanser and bubble bath contain a lot of synthetic compounds? A lot of products like these may have long-term health consequences. A better option is to make a product that contains a healthier ingredient like Castile soap. In fact, there are lots of healthy Castile soap beauty products you can make.

The Castile soap beauty products you can make are similar to most types of store bought products. All you will need to do is follow the recipe provided to make as much of the product you want. You can even make a homemade product as a replacement for the toothpaste in your medicine cabinet.

We have complied a list of some pretty amazing beauty products you can make with Castile soap. Many of these just might be perfect to add to your daily routine.

1. Foaming Hand Soap


photo by wellnessmama.com

2. Facial Cleanser


photo by sweetroots.blogspot.com

3. Body Wash


photo by withlovely.com

4. Homemade Shampoo


photo by eatgood4life.com

5. Homemade Shaving Cream


photo by modernhippiehousewife.com

6. Jelly Soap for Kids


photo by wholesomemommy.com

Are you still intrigued at the types of Castile soap beauty products you can make? Check these other recipes out.

7. Baby Body Wash


photo by southerncalisaver.com

8. Makeup Remover Pads 


photo by thecoconutmama.com

9. Homemade Bubble Bath


photo by diynatural.com

10. DIY Foot Soak


photo by wendypolisi.com

11. Homemade Tooth Soap (Toothpaste Alternative)


photo by homesteadwannabes.blogspot.com

12. Facial Wipes 


photo by livesimply.me

Do you know of additional Castile soap beauty products you can make? Perhaps a favorite recipe? Hop over to our Facebook page and share a few of your ideas with us.

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