Universal Herbal Antiseptic Ointment Recipe

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Treating wounds that occur to the skin often requires the use of an antiseptic. The most common found in many homes is an over-the-counter product. However, over-the-counter products often include many types of chemicals. If you want a natural product to treat some minor cuts, burns, scrapes, and even a variety of abrasions, then a universal antiseptic herbal ointment is a great option.

The Basics

You control all the ingredients when making your own herbal ointment. Your ointment will easily treat any type of skin ailment as it will have many beneficial properties. This includes antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to treat inflammation and other skin conditions. Many people might suffer from itchy skin, bug bites, stings, eczema, and psoriasis. The use of a herbal ointment provides you with much needed relief to your particular condition.

The Options

A common herbal ointment that you can make at home can include various herbs. The herbs to use can be found online and at most health stores in your area. However, some items can also be found in the aisles of any grocery store. One important detail to keep in mind is you need to use all-natural ingredients when possible. Organic products are the best option and they are often easy to grow at home.

The Process

You will need to use the proper utensils and equipment to make a homemade herbal ointment. Measure all the ingredients to ensure the proper amount is used. One part of the process is making an infused oil. This is something you can make by using one of three available methods.

The most important part of making a herbal ointment is the use of heat. This will be done by heating your ingredients in a saucepan on your stove. The completed product will last for one to three years.

The instructions for making your own herbal ointment can be found on frugallysustainable.com here…

Universal Herbal Antiseptic Ointment Recipe

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