Vitamin C And Witch Hazel Facial Toner Recipe

Are you looking for a healthier alternative to the use of store bought skin care products? You have a lot of options to consider depending on what you prefer to use. One thing you can may want to do is make your own vitamin C and witch hazel facial toner. You may be surprised to know that witch … [Read more...]

How To Make Herbal Vitamin C At Home

Do you take vitamins that are in a pill form or a powder every day? There are various other alternatives that are available if you are not a fan of powders or pills, many of which are made from synthetic vitamin C. One essential vitamin that you can take that is available in many forms is vitamin C. … [Read more...]

Honey And Vitamin C Face Mask Recipe

Are you looking for a recipe for a simple face mask that you can apply at night? There are a lot with an assortment of ingredients depending on the results you want to achieve. A simple recipe is available for a honey and vitamin C face mask you can easily make at home. You do not need to spend … [Read more...]

DIY Vitamin C Spray To Neutralize Chlorine

One of the easiest ways to cool off on a hot summer day is to jump into a pool. The main drawback with the use of a pool is it is typically treated with chlorine. This is a great product to kill algae. However, it can stick to your skin and hair and cause dryness. A great way to prevent any problems … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Natural Vitamin C Powder

Are you familiar with the method that jerky is made or how a dehydrator works? If you have some lemons and oranges or other citrus fruits, then you have all you that need to make a natural vitamin C powder. Your best bet is to use fresh fruit and your kitchen oven. The key to making natural … [Read more...]