Vanilla Body Spray Recipe

There are many scents and aromas that a lot of people recognize immediately. One of these is the scent of vanilla. Vanilla is an ingredient in a lot of foods and can also be used as a body spray. You can easily make your own vanilla body spray as an alternative to any store bought product. The … [Read more...]

DIY Vanilla Latte Soap

Do you enjoy the smell of a freshly made latte? If you want to have the same feeling, when taking baths or showers, then vanilla latte soap is a great idea. Left over coffee grounds will be the key to making this type of soap to use at home. If you can make a homemade cake, then making a vanilla … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Vanilla Bean Body Scrub

Many products are available that people can use for basic skin care. The most common option is to use lotions or creams. There are also scrubs to use when showering or taking a bath. The best solution for an ideal skin care product is a simple homemade vanilla body scrub. It smells great and the … [Read more...]