5 Best Natural Alternatives To Fluoride

Does the idea of keeping your teeth free of cavities seem like a worthy goal? Of course! The most common way to do this is to brush your teeth regularly. As you know, many oral hygiene products at the store contain fluoride, and the use of fluoride is banned and considered unsafe in many … [Read more...]

20 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth

Do you drink a lot of coffee or similar beverage and find your teeth look yellow? A simple solution is a commercial whitening treatment applied at home or at a dentist's office. There are many ways to get rid of yellow teeth naturally that are quick and easy to do at home. Some natural whitening … [Read more...]

Can Cavities Remineralize? – A Dentist’s Perspective

Going to the dentist for a simple teeth cleaning can often lead to identification of cavities. This occurs to people for various reasons. Too many sugary foods and poor dental health are the common reasons why cavities occur. However, there various ways to treat a cavity naturally and remineralize … [Read more...]

How To Start Flossing With Essential Oils

Many people already know the benefits that are provided by essential oils. You can make various types of home remedies and health related products using many of them including toothpaste and mouthwash. But did you also know that you can use these oils when flossing? One of the main reasons flossing … [Read more...]