Homemade Naturally Scented Laundry Booster Crystals

Are you looking for ways to phase out store bought liquids you may add to your laundry that give it a pleasant scent? Many products that are found at the store contain chemicals. One way to really to make sure a load of laundry smell like a spring day without chemicals is to use homemade laundry … [Read more...]

Homemade Talc Free Baby Powder Recipe

Do you want to avoid potential health problems that could occur with using products like baby powder that contain talc or talcum powder as an ingredient? There have been claims in the news there is a link between talc and cancer. The best option to use homemade talc free baby powder. Making … [Read more...]

Homemade Shaving Cream DIY

Are you someone who applies shaving cream and uses a razor to shave everyday? Store bought shaving cream is not unlike other skin care products that contain a lot of chemicals. These are absorbed into the skin and are not healthy. A better option is to use homemade shaving cream. A big benefit to … [Read more...]

Minty Fresh Toothpaste Recipe With Only 3 Ingredients

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Learn How To Make Cottage Cheese

Do you like the taste of cottage cheese, but are not thrilled with all the ingredients that are found in the products at most grocery stores? Cottage cheese that is made at home will be a lot better and is super easy to prepare. You can easily learn how to make cottage cheese at home. The best … [Read more...]