DIY Vitamin C Spray To Neutralize Chlorine

One of the easiest ways to cool off on a hot summer day is to jump into a pool. The main drawback with the use of a pool is it is typically treated with chlorine. This is a great product to kill algae. However, it can stick to your skin and hair and cause dryness. A great way to prevent any problems … [Read more...]

Natural Sunburn Relief Spray Recipe

Being outdoors doing various activities during the summer is both good and bad. The bad is not having sunscreen or the means to prevent a sunburn. If you want a good way to treat a sunburn after being out sunning on your deck or at the beach, then a natural sunburn relief spray will be … [Read more...]

DIY Bum Spray

Do you or someone you know use cleansing wipes that are flushed down the toilet? If you think the use of this type of product is both useful and wasteful, then a better choice is available for you to use. You can easily make a DIY bum spray that will have the same effect as any store bought … [Read more...]