Healthy Veggie Chips Recipe

The football season is in full swing and that means tasty snacks like potato chips are a must. A problem with store bought potato chips is they are typically fried and often contain unhealthy additives and preservatives. The best alternative will be to make your own healthy veggie chips. Almost … [Read more...]

Easy No-Bake Granola Bars

Do you like to snack on granola bars, but would prefer something that is not store bought? You have an assortment of options available depending on what you want to make. A simple option is to make some no-bake granola bars at home or to pack in a child's lunch for school. The process to make … [Read more...]

Recipe: Herb Infused Fruit Popsicles

Herbs that you grow in your garden can be used in a variety of recipes. Do you know that herbs provide a boost to a tasty treat like popsicles? Herb infused fruit popsicles are easy to make and can be done when you have at least 30 minutes of free time to spend in the kitchen. The key to making … [Read more...]

Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips (Coconut Oil Fried)

Corn tortillas that can be purchased at any grocery store often contain various additives. Most often the chips are made from genetically modified corn and then fried in genetically modified oil. If you want a simple alternative to store bought products, then homemade corn tortilla chips are a great … [Read more...]