How To Make LUSH Bath Bombs

Do you enjoy relaxing in a hot bath at the end of a long day? A lot of people may simply add bubbles that come from a store bought product. A better solution is to use LUSH bath bombs you can make at home. Things You Need Muffin tin or candy mold Spoon Mixing bowls Baking soda (1 … [Read more...]

12 Toxic Skincare Ingredients That Are Destroying Your Health

Do you apply store bought creams, lotions, or other beauty products? There are various additives and a variety of toxic skincare ingredients which are found in these products. This will mean a better option will be to use natural products on your skin. However, you should also know ingredients that … [Read more...]

10 Skincare Uses For Coconut Oil And Honey

Do you know you might have two items in your kitchen that can be used for a lot of home remedies? Two to use as home remediesĀ for skincare are honey and coconut oil. You'll find there are many skincare uses for coconut oil and honey that are available. One of the best skincare uses for coconut … [Read more...]