Natural Foot Repair Salve With Neem Oil

Do you find that a chisel is needed to remove the gunk between your toes when wearing shoes for long periods of time? This is a bit extreme, but dirt and issues like athlete's foot can develop when you have no air for your feet. Fear not, as an effective foot repair salve is available. Athlete's … [Read more...]

How To Make Pinon Oil And Salve

Are you a person who likes to make homemade products for medicinal uses? One item that you should have on hand is a healing salve. There are many types of salves you can choose to make. However, the most beneficial might just be a salve made from pinon oil. The key to turning a pinon oil into a … [Read more...]

Antibacterial Cut Salve Recipe

A salve is a great way to help treat cuts and ensure they heal quickly. If you are using any liniments that are store bought, then a homemade antibacterial cut salve may be just what you need. The best thing about this type of product is it is made with all natural ingredients. You may find that … [Read more...]

Simple Homemade Arnica Salve

Herbs that can be used as ingredients for home remedies can be applied topically. One herb that can be used as an ingredient for a topical salve is arnica. Applying a salve is similar to a lotion which is helpful to reduce pain. An arnica salve is easy to make at home. If you want something … [Read more...]

Old Fashioned Pine Tar Salve

Many types of home remedies can be used to treat various ailments. One type of remedy is a salve to heal wounds on the skin, treat a rash, and as a general remedy for other skin problems. A special recipe for a salve can easily be made at home instead of buying a product from a drugstore. You simply … [Read more...]