Home Remedy: Non-Toxic Spider Repellent

Do you live in an area that is getting a lot of rain or has sky high humidity? This year seems to be really bad for having pests like ants and spiders invading the home. If you are like most people and dislike having spiders in your home, then a non-toxic spider repellent is a perfect option. A … [Read more...]

Yarrow Herb Is Stronger Than DEET At Repelling Mosquitoes And Ticks, And It’s Completely Non-Toxic

Are you looking for a non-toxic solution to use for a tick and mosquito┬árepellent? A homemade repellent is one option, but requires mixing essential oils and a few other ingredients. A good alternative is to use a yarrow herb to make a repellent that will work just as well as any store bought … [Read more...]

Kid And Pet-Friendly Tick Repellent Recipe

Do you have a dog that likes to run and explore when outdoors? If you are in an area with any weeds or tall grass, then pests like ticks can be a big problem. A store bought product can be used, but most have a lot of additives and harmful chemicals. The use of a kid and pet-friendly tick repellent … [Read more...]