Neem Oil And Tea Tree Foot Scrub Recipe

Are you someone who likes to wear sandals or is barefoot outside a lot? You may see over time that the bottoms of your feet have seen better days. Washing your feet will get them clean, but you may want to apply a neem oil and tea tree foot scrub to detox the skin. The best thing about using a … [Read more...]

Natural Foot Repair Salve With Neem Oil

Do you find that a chisel is needed to remove the gunk between your toes when wearing shoes for long periods of time? This is a bit extreme, but dirt and issues like athlete's foot can develop when you have no air for your feet. Fear not, as an effective foot repair salve is available. Athlete's … [Read more...]

14 Amazing Ways To Use Neem Oil Daily

Many people are familiar with troublesome acne and many have tried just about every treatment you could possibly think of from prescription creams and pills to over the counter face washes, lotions, exfoliants, and more. Most of these treatments simply do not work! Sure, your face may clear up for a … [Read more...]