Homemade Cheek Tint Recipe

Most types of makeup products contain all sorts of synthetic chemicals and additives. If you make your own makeup at home, then this will not be an issue as you can use all natural ingredients. Homemade cheek tint is a product you can make at home that is all natural and non-toxic. The key to … [Read more...]

Natural Concealer And Highlighter Recipe

Many types of store bought beauty products have benefits and downsides to consider. One issue with many health and beauty products is the use of additives that are synthetic. These can lead to acne and a breakout problems for people with sensitive skin. A good alternative to store a bought … [Read more...]

How To Make Natural Liquid Foundation

The cost of makeup at most retail stores is not exactly inexpensive and will mean you may pay a fortune to obtain the products you need. Another thing about store bought makeup is the ingredients that are used to make the product; specifically, so many of them contain a laundry list of chemicals. If … [Read more...]

Natural Lipstick Recipe

Health and beauty products which can be found in many retail stores are often expensive. This includes a wide selection of lipstick options based on your particular needs. If you do not want the expense of a high priced lipstick, then - not to mention all the chemicals - then consider making ¬†your … [Read more...]