Preserving Parsley For Food And Medicine

Are you interested in learning how to preserve herbs like parsley that you can easily grow at home? Parsley is a herb that can be used as both a food and medicine. All you will need to do is find out how to preserve parsley for food and medicine at home. Parsley is a leafy herb that can be … [Read more...]

Homemade Medicine Made Simple: Jewelweed – The Anti-Itch Plant

Do you have skin that gets itchy from time to time or seems to get an ugly rash during the summer? Treatments typically include store bought creams that contain a lot of additives and chemicals you can't pronounce. Applying homemade medicine can be more effective than items you can find at the … [Read more...]

How To Preserve Sage For Food And Medicine

Herbs are perfect items for a home garden as they can be used in so many recipes. One thing that might be a problem, depending on how much you grow, is options for preservation. Sage is a herb with a lot of medicinal and culinary benefits. This means you have a lot of reasons to preserve sage for … [Read more...]

12 Native Plants For Food And Medicine

Creating a garden area at home is a great way to have a supply of food and an updated landscape. More and more these days gardens include few types of fruit, herbs, and decent selection of vegetables because families want to be sustainable and grow organic crops to put food on the table. Yet, one … [Read more...]

Honey As Medicine – Prevent Infection, Kill Bacteria, Promote Healing

Many items that are found in nature can be used as medicine. Some items are used topically and others can be taken internally. Plants are the most common things in nature to use in this way. However, you also can benefit from the use of honey as medicine. Honey is a powerful food that comes … [Read more...]