12 Of Nature’s Most Powerful Medicinal Plants From Traditional Cherokees

Are you familiar with plants available in nature that provide medicinal benefits? You may have various plants around your area you can use to treat many types of ailments. All you need to do is review some of the best medicinal plants from traditional Cherokees. One thing to keep in mind about … [Read more...]

Top 5 Medicinal Herbs And How They Heal

Are you interested in growing beneficial herbs in a garden or in a few containers? You will have a lot of options to consider when looking at the best herbs to plant. The best place to start is to look at herbs for the benefits they provide. This includes different types of medicinal herbs and how … [Read more...]

Shepherd’s Purse | This Common Medicinal “Weed” Can Stop Bleeding And Improve Your Meals

Weeds that grow in a yard or in the wild are often not seen as beneficial, but some can be tasty and will have healing properties. One type of weed that meets this criteria is Shepherd's purse. This is a plant that is in the same family as mustard plants like cabbage and broccoli. You can consume … [Read more...]

Homemade Medicinal Syrups

Syrups are not simply a tasty liquid used on pancakes and waffles. There are cough syrups and syrups that are used to treat many types of ailments. The syrups that are available at local drug stores and found at a variety of grocery stores are expensive. They also contain many types of ingredients … [Read more...]