3-Ingredient Dry Skin Cream Recipe

Do you suffer from dry skin, but do not want to use a basic over-the-counter product? A good alternative for you to consider as an all-natural solution is a 3-ingredient dry skin cream. This is a great product that is perfect for anyone who wants to save a bit of money. The best thing about a … [Read more...]

Homemade Eczema Cream

Are you using store bought creams and lotions to treat skin ailments like eczema? You may find that the use of a homemade eczema cream will provide better results. This is a really awesome way to treat an issue with eczema as a homemade remedy is totally natural and easy to make. Eczema flare ups … [Read more...]

Coffee Tired Eyes Cream Recipe

Many types of creams can be used to moisturize the skin and help reduce puffy eyes. However, many creams that you can purchase often contain a lot of questionable ingredients and additives. A better option to treat puffy eyes is to make a tired eyes cream using coffee as an ingredient. The best … [Read more...]

Good Night Lotion Recipe

Lotions are a great way to help soothe dry skin. Some homemade lotions can provide relief from pain and even help you fall sleep at night. The vast variety of store bought lotions on the market often don't offer medicinal benefits. In fact, some of these lotions contain so many chemical ingredients … [Read more...]

How To Make Natural Tinted Face Lotion

If you want to avoid applying an assortment of chemicals and additives on your face, then a make a natural tinted face lotion. This particular natural tinted face lotion can double as both foundation and as a moisturizer. Apply it over your sunscreen. Then dust with a natural facial power. All … [Read more...]