Lavender Salt Ear Infection Remedy

Conventional methods to treat ailments like an ear infection often have limited results or may not work at all. A better option is to use lavender salt for a natural ear infection remedy. This will not be difficult to do if you have the right supplies and ingredients on hand. A lavender salt ear … [Read more...]

20 Ways A Bottle Of Lavender Essential Oil Will Change Your Life

Are you interested in starting a herb garden, but do not know the best types of herbs to plant? There are a lot of options depending on what you want to do. Herbs like lavender also are available as essential oils that have a lot of benefits. You may be surprised at the ways lavender essential oil … [Read more...]

How To Make Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils are a common ingredient in many homemade creams and lotions. One type of essential oil that is truly awesome to have as an ingredient is lavender essential oil. If buying this oil is not preferred, or you have a supply of fresh lavender, then an alternative is to make your own at … [Read more...]

Healthy Lavender Lemonade Recipe

Many types of healthy alternatives are available for beverages that contain various additives or have a lot of processed sugars. People who have a garden at home may be surprised to know certain plants can be used to make a lot of beverages. This includes growing lavender to make a healthy lavender … [Read more...]

DIY Lavender Oatmeal Bath Teas

There are many ways for people to relax after a long day. Some people choose to sack out on a couch and watch TV and others may prefer to take a shower or bath. A bath that includes nutrients that offer a variety of health benefits is a great option. You also have the option of adding Epsom salts or … [Read more...]