6 Natural Sleep Aids (That Are Not Melatonin)

Do you have problems getting to sleep or sleeping through the night? Some people may have a problem sleeping due to an active brain or with bouts of insomnia. Taking an over-the-counter sleep aid is not an ideal solution. There are various natural sleep aids that are a safer alternative. Popping … [Read more...]

Can’t Sleep All The Way Through the Night? Try A Little Bit Of This “Ideal Liver Fuel” Before Bed

Do you have problems getting to sleep at night? Insomnia may be part of the problem, but you may be surprised to know your liver may also be to blame. The liver is what helps to break down fats and a lot of toxins in the body. This is why certain foods can help you sleep all the way through the … [Read more...]

4 Natural Sleep Remedies

Many people often have problems falling to sleep at night for many reasons. This includes people who toss and turn during the night due to mild insomnia or various other issues. The use of sleep aids purchased at a supermarket or drug store may not be preferred. You might be surprised to learn there … [Read more...]

Sweet Dreams Homemade Sleep Cream

Therapeutic oils are an essential ingredient in most homemade health products. These oils are found in lotions, creams, and many other skin care products. However, oils can also be used as a sleep aid when young kids and adults cannot seem to get fall sleep. You can easily make a reliable homemade … [Read more...]

5 Holistic Insomnia Remedies

The use of over-the-counter sleeping aids often is not the best choice for many people. While some sleep aids contain pain medication, others can be additive and include numerous and dangerous side effects. If you cannot fall asleep or remain asleep, then various holistic insomnia remedies are a … [Read more...]