How To Make Turmeric Tea To Reduce Pain And Inflammation

Do you have a bottle of turmeric spice in your cupboard that has not been opened? This spice is used to flavor various types of foods, but can also be used to treat many health ailments. A perfect way to use a bottle of turmeric is to make a turmeric tea. One of the best reasons to make a … [Read more...]

Why I’m Avoiding Carrageenan: A Cardiologist Explains

Many people are not often aware of the different types of additives that are found in foods that they are buying at the store. Some food additives are synthetic, but others are natural depending on the products that are being produced. A natural food additive found in a lot of products is … [Read more...]

How To Brew Your Own Ale For Chronic Inflammation, Pain, And Migraines

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Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Bombs

Do you know that many spices and herbs you can use when cooking will have a lot of health benefits? Most people do not know that a herb like turmeric can help reduce inflammation in the body. However, you need to take a high dose of the herb to see a result. Turmeric bombs could be just what you … [Read more...]

How To Remove Uric Crystallization In Joints

Do you know that pain in your joints can have many causes? Age is often the main reason, but there are others you may find surprising. Pain in the joints when walking could be caused by a reduction of fluid that often leads to arthritis. If you have uric crystallization in joints, then relief is … [Read more...]