Study Finds Raw Milk Boosts Immunity, Prevents Colds And Infections

A recent study that was conducted in Europe found that raw milk can help prevent many viruses, colds, and respiratory tract infections. Commercially processed milk does not offer any these phenomenal health benefits. One of the main reasons why raw milk boosts immunity is that our bodies respond to … [Read more...]

5 Super Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Getting A Superbug

Although winter is known as the cold and flu season, other illnesses can occur anytime during the year and can have a powerful impact. One type of illness that people catch from time to time is a superbug. A superbug is a type of infection or illness that is hard to treat due to a resistance to … [Read more...]

Boost Immunity With This Simple Homemade Tincture

Immunity is our biological defense system that helps the body fight diseases and infections. Although our body has its own ‘soldiers’ to fend off diseases, it is important to boost them so that we can have a healthier body. We improve our immunity through the types of foods that we consume (more … [Read more...]

Thieves Vinegar Immune Booster & Germ Killer

Considering how long vinegar has been around, it is no surprise to discover that vinegar recipes have a long history as well. This particular recipe, thieves vinegar, has been around for several centuries and has its largest references during the Bubonic plague. In addition to the one used in the … [Read more...]

Garlic Oil Ointment Treatment

This outstanding tutorial will provide you with the treatment to help you weather a difficult cold and flu season, a challenging virus, for any time cold symptoms enter the home. This treatment uses garlic oil as the foundation (taking advantage of garlic's immune boosting, antibacterial, antiviral, … [Read more...]