Easily Make Infused Herbal Oil

Do you have a lot of fresh herbs growing in your garden or in containers? Herbs are used to make a variety of home remedies and have a lot of other uses. If you have a few extra herbs that have been harvested and need to be used, then make infused herbal oil. You can easily make infused herbal … [Read more...]

16 Healthy And Edible Indoor Plants

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Homemade Medicine Made Simple: Jewelweed – The Anti-Itch Plant

Do you have skin that gets itchy from time to time or seems to get an ugly rash during the summer? Treatments typically include store bought creams that contain a lot of additives and chemicals you can't pronounce. Applying homemade medicine can be more effective than items you can find at the … [Read more...]

How To Make Astragalus Tincture

Many types of herbs have medicinal properties and can be used for a lot of home remedies. Herbs used in a tincture form are beneficial as they can help to reduce stress and help boost the immune system. Making an Astragalus tincture is a great way to see these benefits. There is not a lot of work … [Read more...]

Top 5 Medicinal Herbs And How They Heal

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