DIY Foot Reflexology For Your Best Sleep Ever

Do you have problems getting to sleep at night or want to find a better option to help you sleep than an over-the-counter medication? Store bought products may have unintended side effects that you will not want. A better option is to try DIY foot reflexology as a way to achieve better sleep. You … [Read more...]

Neem Oil And Tea Tree Foot Scrub Recipe

Are you someone who likes to wear sandals or is barefoot outside a lot? You may see over time that the bottoms of your feet have seen better days. Washing your feet will get them clean, but you may want to apply a neem oil and tea tree foot scrub to detox the skin. The best thing about using a … [Read more...]

Natural Foot Repair Salve With Neem Oil

Do you find that a chisel is needed to remove the gunk between your toes when wearing shoes for long periods of time? This is a bit extreme, but dirt and issues like athlete's foot can develop when you have no air for your feet. Fear not, as an effective foot repair salve is available. Athlete's … [Read more...]