DIY Licorice Cough Syrup

Are you looking for an alternative to store bought cough syrup? The reason cough syrups bought at the store work so well is they have various synthetic ingredients. If you have a tickle in the throat, then you may want to use a homemade licorice cough syrup instead. Taking a tablespoon of a … [Read more...]

Children’s Chest Rub Recipe

Have you seen any vapor rub products that are available at the store to treat a cold? These are great to relieve a lot of symptoms, but they contain synthetic and chemical ingredients. A chest rub that you can make at home is a better and natural option. All you need is a simple chest rub … [Read more...]

Homemade Chest Rub Recipe

Are you familiar with the types of over-the-counter vapor rubs that are available? The main benefit of a vapor rub is to clear chest congestion. However, these often contain synthetic ingredients that will have various side effects. A better option is to make your own homemade chest rub. The main … [Read more...]

New Research Shows Echinacea Is As Effective As Tamiflu

Do you want to try and cut back on the use of over-the-counter medications to treat the flu or other common illness? This can be done in many ways depending on the methods you want to use. Research has recently shown that Echinacea is as effective as Tamiflu to treat the symptoms of the flu. One … [Read more...]

How To Make A Master Tonic For Good Health

A home remedy to treat a common ailment is often just as good as, and sometimes better than, a store bought product that's likely to have many chemical additives in additions to the actual medication. You might not know that many health products that are found on store shelves are derived from … [Read more...]