Organic Home Remedy First Aid Burn Antiseptic Cream

Do you buy first aid products at the store to treat burns and other skin ailments? A better solution to the use of store bought creams and salves is to make your own first aid burn antiseptic cream. A homemade product is healthier as no synthetic additives have been added. The key to making a … [Read more...]

Complete Guide To Using Super Glue For Cuts

Do you find that you are accident prone or happen to cut yourself for no apparent reason? Sharp objects that come into contact with the skin are a common occurrence. Treating cuts can be difficult when your first-aid kit is not available. One option is to start using super glue for cuts. A deep … [Read more...]

23 Awesome Uses For Lemongrass Essential Oil

Are you someone who is reluctant to try a new or different product when what you may have seems to work just fine? Many people have their go-to essential oils for first and for a home remedy. You may find the uses for lemongrass are just as good as many go-to essential oils. One of the best uses … [Read more...]

Natural First Aid For Bruises And Sprains

The most common way to treat bruising and sprains from an accident or physical activity will be to apply an ice pack. However, a homemade balm will work just as good when first aid for bruises and sprains will be needed. All you need to do is make some Arnica balm at home. A homemade balm that is … [Read more...]