3 DIY Facial Scrubs To Try This Autumn

DIY facial scrubs are the perfect way to start autumn with glowing, dewy skin! Autumn brings cooler, drier weather which can flake and dry out your skin. Facial scrubs can help eliminate the hassle of dry skin, breakouts and keep your skin healthy and smooth all year long. 1. DIY Facial Scrubs: … [Read more...]

DIY Stress Soothing Balm With Magnesium Oil

Applying a salve or balm to the skin can have different effects on the body. Some salves are applied for a rash, to heal cuts, or for other skin ailments. Balms are also applied to treat dry skin and to help calm effects of stress and to help people sleep. One beneficial ingredient in many balms is … [Read more...]

The Benefits Of Spirulina Superfood – How To Grow Your Own At Home

Foods that are high in antioxidants and other beneficial compounds are typically known as superfoods. If you are interested in havingĀ a superfood at home, then consider the benefits of spirulina. This is a food that is actually a form of algae that can be consumed by both people and … [Read more...]