How To Make Ginger Syrup For Colds And Flu

Treating symptoms of the cold or the flu can be done in many ways. A homemade remedy will offer an ideal alternative to using an over-the-counter product. You have many options for a home remedy. One type of remedy that offers great results is a homemade ginger syrup for colds and flu. There ways … [Read more...]

Make Your Own “Breathe Easy” Aromatherapy Inhalers

Are you familiar with over-the-counter inhaler products that are used to help you breathe? These contain a lot of ingredients that work well, but are not the healthiest. A much better way is to make an inhaler that is all natural. Something you may want to try is using are some aromatherapy … [Read more...]

How To Make A Master Tonic For Good Health

A home remedy to treat a common ailment is often just as good as, and sometimes better than, a store bought product that's likely to have many chemical additives in additions to the actual medication. You might not know that many health products that are found on store shelves are derived from … [Read more...]

16 Remedies To Kick The Common Cold

The effects of winter can create different types of weather that often causes various health problems for many people. This is due to changes from extreme cold to warmer temperatures that will melt the snow before freezing temps occurs again. Many people typically will get a sore throat, a runny or … [Read more...]

Soothing Shower Melts For Cold And Flu

Cold and flu season is a time of year when we become more vigilant against things that can make us sick. Avoiding germs and washing our hands is the number one thing you can do to try to evade these nuisances of life. Eating a well-balanced diet and consuming an ample amount of Vitamin C can help … [Read more...]