Healthy Veggie Chips Recipe

The football season is in full swing and that means tasty snacks like potato chips are a must. A problem with store bought potato chips is they are typically fried and often contain unhealthy additives and preservatives. The best alternative will be to make your own healthy veggie chips. Almost … [Read more...]

Here’s A Great Way To Make Healthy Baked Apple Chips

Do you enjoy having a tasty snack whenever you are hungry during the day? Store bought snacks are not a good idea as there are a lot of unhealthy ingredients. A better option is to make something at home like healthy baked apple chips that are really delicious. You can easily make healthy baked … [Read more...]

Stinging Nettle Chips Recipe

Do you drink nettle teas as a home remedy or treatment for seasonal allergies? A great option for you to enjoy the same benefits is to replace nettle tea with stinging nettle chips. These chips are not really that brutal, but there are hairs on the leaves that might make preparation a little … [Read more...]

Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips (Coconut Oil Fried)

Corn tortillas that can be purchased at any grocery store often contain various additives. Most often the chips are made from genetically modified corn and then fried in genetically modified oil. If you want a simple alternative to store bought products, then homemade corn tortilla chips are a great … [Read more...]