New Report Finds That Most Fast Food Chains Serve Meat Raised On Drugs

Do you know that a lot of meat products found at grocery stores contain antibiotics that may have a bad effect on people over time? You may be surprised to know that antibiotics are in beef from cows and in meat from chickens. Consequently, even fast food chains serve meat raised on drugs. The … [Read more...]

12 Natural Antibiotics That Our Ancestors Used Instead Of Pills

Do you know that there are many natural products that can be used as antibiotics instead of taking a lot of pills or getting a shot? Many types of infections today have become more and more resistant to most prescribed antibiotics. This means looking at natural antibiotics as a solution. Natural … [Read more...]

Natural Antibiotic And Antiviral Alternatives

Are you someone who does not look forward to the fall and winter weather because people always seem to come to work or go out when sick? The last thing you want to do is get sick because of someone else. Getting sick is not fun for anyone, but natural antiviral alternatives can work better for … [Read more...]

11 Best Natural Antibiotics And How To Use Them

Modern medicine is able to cure many diseases and to treat a variety of illnesses. However, medicine that is used to treat an infection typically is an antibiotic. Prescribing an antibiotic is the most common way that a doctor today may treat a stomach virus to an infection from a wound. One problem … [Read more...]