Using Onions For Detox And Healing

The use of synthetic medications is all too common for treating various ailments. Most medications are full of synthetic compounds that are actually based on plants found in nature. This is the reason to have natural products like onions for detox. One of the best reasons to use onions for detox … [Read more...]

12 Natural Antibiotics That Our Ancestors Used Instead Of Pills

Do you know that there are many natural products that can be used as antibiotics instead of taking a lot of pills or getting a shot? Many types of infections today have become more and more resistant to most prescribed antibiotics. This means looking at natural antibiotics as a solution. Natural … [Read more...]

9 Home Remedies For Chest Congestion

Experiencing chest congestion is not fun at all and often means a lot of painful coughing. The reason that chest congestion often occurs is due to inflammation that increases mucus production in the respiratory system. An effective solution is to use some suitable home remedies for chest congestion … [Read more...]