DIY Skin Lightening Serum Recipe

Many people who suffer from certain types of skin ailments may have scarring and issues with a deepening of pigmentation. These imperfections on the face and body can be caused by hyperpigmentation and even acne. This can have huge impact on a person's self confidence. A great way to treat these … [Read more...]

Homemade 2-Ingredient Gel To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks, Aging Spots, Acne, Sunburns, And Scars

Do you have sun spots, aging spots or scars that look just awful on your skin? There are many products you can find at the store in the form of creams that can be used as basic treatments. However, these contain a lot of additives and chemicals. A better option is a homemade 2-ingredient gel. You … [Read more...]

Using Organic Soap To Cure Acne In 2 Months

Take pride in your skin by using organic soaps to cure acne! Treat and cleanse oily and acne prone skin with an organic skincare routine that works in as little as two months. Acne, a skin disorder associated with pimples, scars, blackheads and oily skin, is a constant battle for teens and … [Read more...]

7 Home Remedies For Keratosis Pilaris

Have you ever had small bumps appear on the skin that look like acne? This is often a condition known as keratosis pilaris and is caused when the body makes too much of a substance called keratin. Anyone who has this problem will be in luck as there are a lot of home remedies for keratosis … [Read more...]

Nurse’s Top 4 Anti-Aging Soaps & Essential Ingredients

Healthy glowing skin, a sign of youth, can be obtained and maintained with the use of the correct 4 Anti-Aging soaps. The skincare market has a tendency to provide products which claim miracles in a jar. Shocked? Conditions that age the skin are commonly experienced by people of different ages, … [Read more...]