Skin Purifying Activated Charcoal & Sugar Scrubbing Cubes

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This fantastic creation works wonders in the shower to purify, exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize your warm, damp skin. Made with just a handful of key ingredients (although one of the ingredients is a pre-purchased bar of handcrafted charcoal-activated hand soap bar, a photo of the ingredients that were used to create the hand soap bar is included if you are adept at creating your own soaps), the body scrub effectively uses each one to create the overall desired effect. In addition to the bar soap, the ingredients include coconut oil, activated charcoal (plus the amount in the pre-purchased bar soap), Fullers Earth Cosmetic Clay, a purifying essential oil or blend, and organic sugar.

Discover more about the effectiveness of mixing activated charcoal and sugar and how to form it into easy to use cubes at here…

Skin Purifying Activated Charcoal And Sugar Scrubbing Cubes

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