Relieve Sinus Congestion | Make Your Own Breathe Jar

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The first thing most people do when they have a stuffy nose is take some decongestant or reach for a bottle of nasal spray. The biggest problem with nasal spray is congestion often will return and be worse after you stop using it. This is not a suitable method as you are likely to be miserable for many weeks before you are back to normal. One alternative is to make a breathe jar.

A breathe jar is simply a container that has various scents that will help clear up your sinuses. This is a healthier and cheaper option than buying over-the-counter medication. The secret is using essential oils that are therapeutic. All you need is a glass jar can be resealed. A mason jar will be the best option. If a mason jar is not available, then a trip to a grocery store may be necessary.

The anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils will help clear your sinuses. These are what you will be breathing when using a homemade breathe jar. They work to help fight the bacteria and viruses in the body.

The most important thing to realize about using a breathe jar is keeping it sealed when it is not needed to treat congestion. And, you will need to have something that is inside the jar that can absorb all the oils you will use for this home remedy.

A breathe jar is a cheaper option than buying an inhaler to help treat sinus congestion. The main reason is you can make more than one breathe jar. You also can make jars to have as a gift for a friend or even a few family members.

When you feel congestion coming on, remember to make yourself a breath jar. Instructions to make one are found at here…

Breathe Jar Instructions

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