Natural Lipstick Recipe

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Health and beauty products which can be found in many retail stores are often expensive. This includes a wide selection of lipstick options based on your particular needs. If you do not want the expense of a high priced lipstick, then – not to mention all the chemicals – then consider making  your own.

Your Options

Making a natural lipstick gives you the option to create various kinds by using different recipes. This is the best way to make your own so that is has a customized color and flavor to your liking. The reason is due to the use of natural ingredients. You can choose to make your own product or divide ingredients into batches to give as a natural lipstick DIY kit to family and friends for special occasions.

The Ingredients

You have the option to use various ingredients to make a natural lipstick. The texture of your lipstick is also important and is the reason certain ingredients need to be used. Most – if not all – of the ingredients needed to make a homemade lipstick can be found online and even at some local retail stores.

The basic ingredients you need for a natural lipstick include Coconut Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Mica powders, and various essential oils. You will find the cost to make one container will be just pennies and is one reason this is a cost-effective option to use as a gift.

The Benefits

The use of natural products will always be better than any products which contain chemical additives. One added benefit is being able to completely customize a natural lipstick. You will also need to have a suitable container for your product. One option is a plastic balm container and another might be a standard plastic lipstick tube. A standard recipe will fill between 15 to 16 containers.

A basic recipe for homemade natural lipstick can be found on here…

Natural Lipstick Recipe

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