Make This Natural Antibiotic Formula To Treat Any Infection

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There are many store bought products that can be used to treat an infection that is caused by cuts and a variety of other skin wounds. The only downside is many store bought products usually will contain a lot of chemicals and additives. There also is the continuing resistance to traditional antibiotics. You have various alternatives to consider if you would prefer to use a natural antibiotic.

Standard antibiotics are typically taken in a pill form or administered by a shot. However, you might see more benefits by using a natural antibiotic in the form of a tonic. A simple recipe can be used to make a tonic to use for treating fungal infections, viruses, and bacteria causing illnesses. All you will need to do is obtain the ingredients to make an antibiotic tonic at home.

Most of the ingredients that are used to make an antibiotic tonic may already be in your kitchen. If there are a few ingredients that are necessary, then a trip to a local grocery store or health store is needed. You can use a variety of fresh ingredients or any dried ingredients can be used.

No heat is necessary to mix the ingredients to make a homemade antibiotic tonic. You will need to have a suitable container for the tonic. A mason jar is an ideal type of container for this project as it will have the best type of lid. Allow at least two weeks for all the ingredients to fuse together before using the tonic.

Make sure to take a small amount of the antibiotic tonic at first. If you take too large of a dose, then there is the chance an upset stomach might occur. You should also take a dose of the tonic after meals. The first dose to take will be no more than one teaspoon.

Instructions to make a homemade antibiotic tonic are found on here…

Natural Antibiotic Formula

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