How To Make Reusable Cleaning Pads And Homemade Makeup Remover

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Are you constantly having to buy makeup remover wipes from the store? You are probably spending a fortune on a product that is overpriced and may contain who knows what for ingredients. A much better solution is to make your own reusable cleaning pads to remove makeup.

A little bit of scrap fabric is all you need to make reusable cleaning pads. An old flannel shirt or even a pillowcase can be used to make your pads. Simply cut the fabric into small squares and sew together at least three to make each pad. You may want to use a sewing machine.

Once your reusable cleaning pads have been made, you simply need to make a homemade makeup remover to use. This is super easy to do and you only need a few ingredients. The best part of using reusable pads is you will justĀ need to wash them in the laundry to reuse again and again.

Instructions to make reusable cleaning pads and makeup remover are on here…

How To Make Reusable Cleaning Pads & Makeup Remover

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