Improve Your Memory By 75% With Rosemary

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Herbs Info does a fine job of providing a quick overview of rosemary aromatherapy in history, showing how its use dates back to ancient times. Not only has rosemary been associated with medicinal memory enhancement, also it has been used symbolically in various celebratory services and funerals in many traditions.

In Herbs Info’s article, they reference several recent studies that point to the same conclusion; that is, the inhalation of rosemary improves memory and promotes mental clarity. The research indicates that even though rosemary essential has the strongest effects, even rosemary leaf powder improves cognitive performance.

Not only does Herbs Info’s article explain current research on the benefits of rosemary aromatherapy, they present their findings with well-cited sources. Additionally, they explain the current understanding of how the smell of rosemary triggers the brain to better perform. Read on at the link below for more information.

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