Homemade Herbal Prenatal Vitamin – 6 Ways

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Photo by: modernalternativemama.com

When it comes to homemade herbal prenatal vitamins, the herbs that are selected are the key component (with careful consideration for any particular individual contraindications). However, there is a lot to be said for the way the herbal benefits reach the system. By using a considered mixture of herbs (including nettle, red raspberry leaf, blackberry leaf, and many others), you can decide if you would prefer to administer the vitamins as a powder, tincture, capsule, tea infusion, gummy, or in a honey-based mixture.

To find out more about the ingredients used, the recipe, and the different ways to prepare them, please check out modernalternativemama.com here…

6 Ways to Prepare Homemade Herbal Prenatal Vitamins

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